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Chemical Handling SystemsChemical Handling SystemsChemical Handling Systems
Standard and custom mixers and mixer/tank combinations including lab mixers, c-clamp mixers, pneumatic lift mixers, angle entry bung mixers, drum mixers, fabricated brackets, etc.
Chemical Handling Systems

Chemical Handling Systems
Chemical Handling Systems
Chemical Handling Systems
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Chemical Handling Systems

The T-LS-3 (left) lab mixer is designed for all mixing applications with viscosities up to 2000 centipoise (cps). This mixer is supplied with a lab stand. The T-LS-3 is an ideal mixer for all-around performance in vessels of 1 gallon to 25 gallons.
Model T-C (right) c-clamp mixers are versatile and powerful for taking on light to medium viscosity mixing applications in vessels from 5 to 500 gallons. Reliable operation in continuous and short run mixing.
mixers The Model T-LM (left) lift mixer incorporates a rugged pneumatic lift stand with a high-efficiency pneumatic mixer to provide a low-cost portable mixer system for use throughout a facility. mixers
Model T-BDR (right) Angle Entry Bung Mixer places the mixing shaft to the center of the drum without the need for clamps and support brackets. Bung adapter fits into bung and by tightening one screw secures the bung adapter in place.
mixers Model T-CBR (left) mixer with shaft rotation direction control permits the operator to regulate and reverse their mixing procedures as necessary. No more external control blocks needed. mixers
Model T-FA2 (right) flange series are designed for vertical mount in light viscosity mixing in closed top vessels from 5 to 500 gallons.
mixers Model T-T3 (left) tri-clamp mixer is designed for industrial and sanitary applications needing a compact, lightweight and powerful mixing unit for use in tote, bulk and cylindrical containers. mixers
Custom Mixer Tank Combinations (right) DeWallace can provide custom tanks and tanks & mixer combinations to suit your special needs.
Chemical Handling Systems

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Chemical Handling Systems
Chemical Handling Systems
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